Please find below some of the most common questions about the Ricoh Resource Smart Return Program.

I cannot find my country in the list, but I want to return my cartridge. How can you help me?
Currently, this collection program is not running in your country.

How much of the cartridge is recycled?
A total of 99% is recycled.

Are the returned cartridges being re-used?
It is possible that cartridges (or parts of it) are used in the production of new cartridges. Because of the high quality standards of original Ricoh cartridges the majority of the returned cartridges can not be reused.

What happens with the cartridges that are not being reused?
The plastic parts taken from toner cartridges are first pulverized, then melted, and molded into new plastic parts for reuse. This kind of closed- loop materials recycling, is one of the most effective recycling measures to help reduce waste while at the same time contributing to conserve natural resources.

Can I send back other products than original Ricoh toners?
No, Ricoh invests in recycling original Ricoh products. Should the Resource Smart Program be used for anything other than the return of a original Ricoh toner cartridge, the associated cost will be reimbursed to the sender of the goods.

Am I entitled to a refund?
No, you are not entitled to a tax deduction or rebate for the return of empty toner cartridges.

Can I use the Resource Smart program for claiming warranty on my original Ricoh toner cartridge?
No, for all service and support related issues, please contact our local help desk.

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